Free Parking in Westminster : parking and congestion control exemption in Marylebone

Parking and congestion free for all in Marylebone. Compliments of British Land, McAleer & Rushe and Westminster City Council

Get on down to 2-14 Baker Street and surrounding area for free parking and the ultimate congestion.

With all the talk about onerous new parking regulations in London’s West End – complements of the Tories and Westminster City Council, are we to welcome the total relaxation of parking controls and congestion policing in parts of Marylebone?

Westminster City Council have been turning a blind eye to double parking, road blocks and illegal parking for the past nine months. Hard to believe, but true.

Is Christmas coming early – or is this an exceptional case of goodwill to cheer up motorists amidst the doom and gloom of economic woes? Can anyone gatecrash the party? Well, there seems to be a few ‘requisites’ – but the general rule of thumb seems to be;

  • Bring your friends – crowdsourcing is in
  • Travel in convoy – fill an entire street and more, if possible
  • Double park – but remember to bring your friends and their vehicles
  • Cause chaos – the more chaotic and the more congestion you cause the better
  • Block the road – or several if you can – parking on junctions is best
  • Bigger is always best (as we all know) – so commercial vehicles preferred
  • Ignore the rules. If challenged respond with ‘I’ll move’ but don’t say when

Those wishing to take advantage of this free parking in Westminster are advised to get down early. Competition for space is tough. In fact, one company, McAleer & Rushe, seems to be hogging all the available free parking – giving preference to vehicles who lay claim to a connection to their site at 2-14 Baker Street (10 Portman Square). Their site opens for business at 8am monday to saturday – and they seem to sneak in sundays every so often. So to ensure your free parking space, get down before 7.30 am. Of course, there may be the odd irrate traffic warden – so you may need to spoof a little and lay claim to an association with the construction site at 2-14 Baker Street (10 Portman Square). That seems to do the trick. The site, incidently, is owned by British Land.

The challenge is to create mayhem – the more congested, the more you block and the longer you park up the better. Those of you who do manage to get in and take advantage of this incredible free parking deal on a main London Olympics thoroughfare should send photos of your accomplishment to London Mayor Boris Johnson, Westminster City Council, British Land, McAleer & Rushe, to this blog and should boast of your exploits to the London papers. The Evening Standard is a good starting point – but don’t forget the BBC.

Facebook it, MySpace it, Twitter it and send postcards to all your friends, family and acquaintances. Evantalise it.

Free parking in Westminster. Free parking in Marylebone.

Your chance to make a difference – cause chaos now and your opportunity to bring London’s Olympics to a halt in 2012. Get down there NOW…. and when you contact Boris, send him this link : cyclists and site traffic on British Land site operated by McAleer and Rushe (endangering cyclists, traffic violations and endangement to the public).

(p.s. the photo above was taken on Friday morning 9th Spetember 2011 on Fitzhardinge Street – between Portman Square and Manchester Square. The free parking and chaos extended to Baker Street, Portman Square, Seymour Mews, Wigmore Street, Manchester Street, Manchester Square (lots of trucks double parking, blocking roadways and taking advantage of the free parking) and more. A right party indeed as the local residents will attest!).

About 10 Portman Square | 2-14 Baker Street

10 Portman Square | 2-14 Baker Street Campaign This blog makes no claim of association or representation of the development known as 10 Portman Square | 2-14 Baker Street in London. This blog is a communication tool only and serves to highlight issues affecting members of the public and residents in the vacinity of that site. The development site at 2-14 Baker Street (10 Portman Square) was acquired by McAleer and Rushe in 2005 with a loan from Bank of Ireland. The price paid was £57.2m. Unable to repay the loan, the debt was designated for NAMA. Before NAMA assumed the debt, McAleer and Rushe sold the site back to British Land in 2010 for nearly £30m less than it had paid. The deal appears to have benefited McAleer and Rushe in a number of ways that may not be realised financially by NAMA. This includes a share of the development profits and the awarding of the construction contract to McAleer at a time that their auditors (KMPG) suggest that this company may not be "a going concern". According to McAleer & Rushe's latest available accounts (filed 2011) all the company's debts are "payable on demand" suggesting that they have not met their repayment schedule on their loans. There are ongoing issues at the site at 2-14 Baker Street (10 Portman Square) affecting members of the public and local residents. Members of the public and local residents have been put at risk many times and, too date, neither British Land or McAleer & Rushe appear to have faced no real consequences from a regulatory or legal persective. McAleer & Rushe have resorted to threats, harrassment and intimidation towards local residents objecting to unsafe practices and affected by the practices employed on and around the site. There have been a number of safety failures leading to deaths on other McAleer & Rushe sites in the UK. Full information and supporting evidence is available on request to interested parties.
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8 Responses to Free Parking in Westminster : parking and congestion control exemption in Marylebone

  1. Matty says:

    I was knocked off my bike in Fitzhardinge Street when I was forced to weave in and out of trucks and cars which had been brought to a halt by trucks like in your pics. I am still recovering and please put any more pics online and continue campaign. The streets are dangerous already without all this. Thanks for the heads up as I did not know where all those trucks were going.



    • Matty

      Sorry to hear of your incident. This site has been a nightmare from day one. Westminster City COuncil have repeatedly been requested to take direct action and the site should have been closed down long ago. Please look through more of the postings on this site. If you decide to take action we are happy to provide you 9 months of photo and video evidence of the site and the surrounding area. Unfortunately the chaos you experienced firsthand is a common rather than rare event…. But what should we expect from a company whose own auditors don’t believe is a ‘going concern’? It seems the lack of funds is resulting in too many corners being cut.

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